Tuesday, 2 March 2010

i cant sleep.

its 07:32 and im still awake :(

so im going to do a blog about my top 5 loves and hates!


1. xbox - i havnt been playing as much since i got with John, i need to get back on track! but yeah xbox is amazing :)

2. weed - dont judge me for smoking weed, it doesnt ruin your state of mind or cause any harm! you cannot get addicted to it, if you mix it with tobacco then its the tobacco you get addicted to! but yeah i smoke it everyday, its just a well nice feeling.

3. zombies - iv loved zombies since i was little, i dont know why, they are easily the best monster going!

4. movies - i love movies, sometimes i just sit in and watch like 10 movies in a day. horror is obviously my favorite, but im also obsessed with disney :)

5. John - he has changed my life. i had a pretty big breakdown before christmas, and i wouldnt leave the house or talk to anyone. i got stuck on anti depressants and just hated life. then john came along and just changed everything. im so lucky to be with him, he is gorgeous, funny and likes the same things as me. He even puts up with my paranoia and understands why i find it hard to trust people. i have fallen head over heels in love with this boy, and i hope it lasts forever.


1. liars - i hate liars with a passion. there is no point in telling lies, someone always ends up getting hurt, and they get found out in the end anyway.

2. spiders - fuck off you 8 legged freaks.

3. internet players - boys who think its okay to flirt with other girls online, its called emotional cheating and is a horrible thing to do. an example of this would be; a guy could be telling his girlfriend he is madly in love with her, then on myspace/facebook be telling some dirty sket that he wants to be with her and he loves her and that he will give her petrol money to come and get him. ITS DISGUSTING!

4. tomatoes - fruit or vegetable? I DONT CARE! they make me wanna boff!

5. being fat - i know im fat, and i dont take offense to being called fat. but i hate being fat, im disgusting and i dunno why anyone would ever wanna be with a fat person lol. so yeah i cant wait until im slimmer & then i can feel better about myself!


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